Karti bil-BAJD: Malta Memes

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Logħob tal-karti differenti u uniċi. Logħba tad-daħq bil-Malti għal dawk li huma bieb ż*bbhom. ‘Il fuq minn 200 Memes Maltin minn matul is-snin.

Din hija logħba interattiva u innovattiva li tagħmel użu minn QR CODES fuq il-karti u vidjows għal esperjenza aktar immersiva🤯. Qas f*cken temmen! 🔥

TWISSIJA: Il-logħba fiha ċajt goff, umoriżmu skur u  hija magħmula għal udjenza matura 18+.

Also buy with the expansion pack below!

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How it's played

Karti bil-BAJD is an adult party game in Maltese. Players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words on cards that are deemed funny, offensive, or politically incorrect.

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170 reviews for Karti bil-BAJD: Malta Memes

  1. Simon Buzu

    L-aqwa bajd li qatt missejt

  2. smoker420

    talla man

  3. Alfred S

    Best invention in Malta since the potato

  4. Redeemer

    i received this as a gift for my 18th birthday. i wish i had it before, because as soon as i touched it i grew a full beard , my voice got deeper and now i have a sudden attraction to Eileen Monteiseen

  5. Samantha


    I bought these online. When it arrived, I was surprised. Not because of the game itself, but because it’s the only thing that me and my husband do together that lasts more than 3 minutes.

    Samantha, Valley Road

  6. Cikku F

    Best game ever to come out of Malta

  7. Danielle A

    Always guaranteed a laugh

  8. Ylenia

    10/10. Great minds behind it, the detail, the cards, the qr codes everything. Well done!

  9. Stefan

    A game 100% bil-bajd, for those who knows how to enjoy some good sense of humour while having a drink with friends. Kerp up the good work 😄

  10. Duncan

    Bil-bajd 😉

  11. Karl

    Excellent game and expansion pack

  12. Elton M

    “I bought this game on the recommendation of a friend, and boy I am glad I did. Countless of hours of fun and laughter for those who enjoy dark and twisted humour, “”ta’ minghajr kantunieri”” as the Maltese say.

    Can’t wait for another expansion!”

  13. Nicholas B

    isimhom magħhom ee.. m’hemm xejn xi tgħid iktar

  14. Kimberly

    It’s so funny with typical Maltese expressions. Love itttt!

  15. Daniela A

    Karti bil-bajd hija logħba bil-bajd għal-adulti li ma jiskruplawx u li jafu jieħdu ċajta

  16. Xylon B

    Lobgha bil-bajd ta veru, kull meta niltaqa ma shabi dejjem nohodha mieghi u nkun irrid nilghab

  17. Neville S

    One of the most interactive card games yet

  18. James C

    Really well made and fun to play. If you’re a fan of memes and savage games than you’ll definitely enjoy KARTI BIL-BAJD. Highly recommended!

  19. Sally A

    Tal genn tassew bil bajd min hareg bihom

  20. Stephanie

    We love it and enjoy watching the videos via QR Codes.

  21. Sera z

    Definitely its a 5 and above star rating

  22. Leanne G

    Wisq tajba. Meta laghbniha jien u shabi spiccajna halqna u zaqqna tugana bid dahq. Perfetta ghal waqt drinking times 😁

  23. Bernard

    Tal-ost*a man…. We needed this

  24. Jimmy G

    “Tal-ġenn bro! Jokes apart, the game just highlights our nights with family and friends. So a mega thumbs up for being so creative. Also the QR codes relating to the cards showing the actual footage involved is absolutely amazing.
    Miniex nilaq, imma proset ta veru! “

  25. @deg_986

    Loghba tal-ostja 🎉🎉

  26. Nigel

    A fun and entertaining game, build quality can be better but very fun. I would like to see more expansion packs but apart from that the best!

  27. Wenzu

    “Literalment bil bajd ” fun game to play while drinking , easy to play and sure that will make you laugh

  28. Anonymous

    A collection of hilariously witty cards you wished you had thought of yourself!

  29. Sacco2711

    A fun game in which you will have a blast playing for sure

  30. Paul Paris

    A game that is great fun for anyone planning on going to hell

  31. Anonymous

    A game that leaves you laughing !

  32. Anonymous

    a game with the Kukki 🙂

  33. Anonymous

    A good laugh with a twist! Great game! 🙂

  34. Anonymous

    A great game which is great to play with friends and family who have a sense of humour

  35. Anonymous

    A must buy. A great game to play with family and friends. Mhux ghal min jiskrupla dawk ifottulek il-loghoba.

  36. Ãnonymous

    A one hell of a game! The best!

  37. Anonymous

    A super funny card game

  38. prettydramatic

    A very fun game to play with both friends and family. Very relatable if you keep up with the latest memes and trends (and even if you don’t). Expect a lot of laughter!!! It takes cards against humanity to a whole new level because it was made for us! A job well done guys!

  39. Anonymous

    Although it was a shocker when I First learnt about this from my daughter, it made me laugh alot and I spent really good quality time with my daughter and friends especially during lockdown

  40. emiibrii

    Amazing and gets a laugh out of me xD

  41. Mark B

    Amazing but would be better to have more cards so that you can play for longer

  42. Rodianne C

    Amazing card game to play with friends during a chilling (ac) night in.

  43. Anonymous

    Amazing for a good laugh with friends

  44. Anonymous

    Amazing game to play with family and friends.We always have an amazing time when we play the game and what we love about it is that it’s full of Maltese inside jokes.

  45. Yanika

    Amazing game, always a great laugh!

  46. Pamela Borg

    Amazing game, lots of laughter.

  47. Mel Agius

    An awesome game which can be played with either family and friends!

  48. Anonymous

    An great game for people who love uncensored humor 😝

  49. Nadege C

    Best game for great laughs whilst socializing with good friends!

  50. Tonio E

    Best of the Best of the Best

  51. IG: falzon.dana

    Bil-BAJD. Does that suffice? Funny. Exciting. Unexpected.

  52. Anonymous~

    Daw mux karto bil bajd imma karti tal ostja

  53. Anonymous

    Different! Ideal for a good laugh over some drinks

  54. Thea F

    Differenti, kurrenti u dahqa tajba garantita!

  55. Anonymous

    excellent for people who know how to have a good laugh

  56. curlym0na

    Finally a great card game for us with a dark sense of humour!

  57. Claude T

    Finally, someone decided to break the taboo of foul language and make the right use of it. T’Alla!

  58. Monique

    Fun, fun and more fun!

  59. martina_bee

    Good game in general, must have for every Maltese House hold. 😂

  60. Anonymous

    great and fun game that could be played with friends or family

  61. Anonymous

    Great customer service

  62. Anonymous

    Great game very entertaining

  63. Anonymous

    Great game with friends

  64. Anonymous

    Hilarious, downright crude & perfect humour for the Maltese jokester. A must for anyone who loves Cards Against Humanity

  65. Anonymous

    Honestly one of the best games I’ve played in a while. Had all of us crying with laughter

  66. Chanayelle G

    I enjoyed playing this game so much, I didn’t notice time was passing quickly. I played this game for about 3 hours and didn’t get bored at all

  67. Rachel A

    I Like it,its fun funny and obscure.. ( il malti jghid xeba salvagismu) its very creative especially the QR codes idea

  68. Anonymous

    I love how funny and relatable the cards are. Time flies while playing these cards.

  69. Anonymous

    I recommend this to families who want to reunite teenagers or anyone to get closer and use this game to do it

  70. Rebecca S

    I think it’s really well-made, and I loved the possibility of sharing some of the memes my family members didn’t know through the QR codes – it’s a brilliant idea

  71. MArk

    If you want have a shriek-laughing, thigh-slapping, rib-breaking, sides-flying-into-orbit, cheek-hurting time, play this game.

  72. Anonymous

    It is a very fun game to play with friends. Lots of laughs and spend several hours playing.

  73. Julian A

    It is nice to have a Maltese game with proper maltese humor and references from legendary videos from over the years!

  74. Marcelle P

    It very entertaining, it had been awhile since the family played a game together and laughed about it…

  75. Anonymous

    It’s all in the name – Karti Bil-BAJD.

  76. Anonymous

    It’s literally going balls deep into Maltese memes just in case you forget them or even better if you never knew about. Great fun and having a whole game on Maltese memes while other countries have a game with global memes is already a step forward for Malta. The QR Code is a huge advantage and greatest bit from the game.

  77. Anonymous

    It’s a great game , once you start playing it you don’t want to stop

  78. Anonymous

    It’s fun to play that revolves around recent memes

  79. Anonymous

    It’s fun to play with friends

  80. Anonymous

    Itss freakingg greatt

  81. Karla S

    Its fun

  82. Anonymous

    Karti bil bajd is a great way to have a good time with friends who have a sense of humor.

  83. Anonymous

    Karti bil Bajd is amazing. 3 hours of great time spent with friends laughing away creating unique experiences! Excellent!

  84. Kim P.

    Karti bil bajd is an amazing game, funny and creative, must admit price is abit on the expensive side .. but i enjoyed playing it with both family and friends

  85. Nathaniel G

    Karti Bil-BAJD is a game suitable for adults which have a good sense of humor and would like to share a few laughs between friends.

  86. Annonymous

    Karti bil-bajd is a game which does not require any balls to play but strong hands (and mind) to handle it!

  87. Francesco

    Karti bil-bajd is not for the faint hearthed. It’s for people bil-bajd! A funny and savage game for those who love dark / hamallu / savage type of humor including classic maltese memes.

  88. Anonymous

    karti bil-bajd is the game we needed during covid times! It’s humor makes the game much more enjoyable and it’s a great game to play with friends!

  89. Annonymous

    Karti bil-bajd isimha maghha. Nidhku wisq jien u shabi meta nilghabuha u ma nkunux irridu nieqfu. Memes li jgharxulek il-pulmun bid-dahk. Tal-genn kugin 😂🤣

  90. Em Luell

    Karti bil-Bajd, hi l-uniku logħba li aħna nilghabu meta niltaqghu grupp ta ħbieb. Hi l-logħba ideali biex tifhak u tinsa d-dwejjaq u l-istress li hawn bħalissa. Barra minn hekk hi logħba li igghalek tbul tahtek bid-daħk u tirringrazzja l-alla li ġenji bhalkok kreajatuha. Nirrakomandaha bi sħiħ.

  91. Katrina

    Karti li qas tinduna li ghaddej lhin waqt li qieghed tilghab

  92. Amii C

    Keep up the great work!

  93. Sharko_M

    Loba Vera bil bajd. Nixtieq nara aktar prodoti

  94. Ryan P

    Lobgha bil bajd fejn tigi fsitwazjoni li tant kemm tkun harxa li jekk tkun qed tilghba qalb in nies trid toqqod attent ( gratli )

  95. Lionel Brincat

    Loghba bil-bajd u l-ghanqud!

  96. Anonymous

    Loghba bil-bajd, sense of humour top il-full

  97. Anonymous

    Loghba bil-BAJD!

  98. Anonymous

    Loghba li taqdek u tghidx kemm tidhak kemm mal hbieb u anka ma famulja bmohh miftuh

  99. Anonymous

    Logħba ta-ġenn. Fiha siegħa buzz. Karti bil-bajd u lilu!

  100. Anonymous

    loghba tal-genn! fiha buzzzzzz

  101. Mark C

    Love the game. Would totally recommend it. A good laugh always.

  102. Tony A

    Loved ever second of it HGhM

  103. Anonymous

    Maltese humour at its best. A guaranteed laugh for people who are not uptight.

  104. Amy_xo_xo_

    Me and my friends love it sooo much

  105. Neville S

    One of the most interactive card games yet

  106. Anonymous

    Really fun game to get friends together and have a laugh

  107. James C

    Really well made and fun to play. If you’re a fan of memes and savage games than you’ll definitely enjoy KARTI BIL-BAJD. Highly recommended!

  108. Andre F

    Smajt l ommi tigbida lewwel darba balla. Grazzi ghal karti bil bajd. Mument storiku fhajti.

  109. Anonymous

    Spicing up family dinner.

  110. Anonymous

    Stupendous game and very well thought out. Typical Maltese hamallata.

  111. Anonymous

    Such a blast when playing with friends

  112. Anonymous

    Such a fun and humorous game definitely a great way to spend an evening with friends!

  113. Anonymous

    Super! must play with friends and older family!

  114. Arianamifsud

    Tal genn

  115. Anonymous

    Tajba ta’ vera

  116. Josef P

    Tal ostja

  117. @nfg.mt

    The best Maltese card game there is to date, and you can even create a drinking game from it which is a plus 😂

  118. Juan P

    The game is really fun and we always look forward to the crazy combinations that we might come across during the game. The expansion pack is also fun.

  119. Christopher

    The game is very enjoyable, interactive and also hilarious. Great for a night in with friends! You’ll defo have a blast and share a laugh!

  120. Val

    The game is very entertaining, I felt some of the answers were repetitive or similar, more harsh answers can be included.it brought a lot of laughs and crazy thinking haha.

  121. David B

    The game is very unique, never becomes repetitive, absolutely addictive to play

  122. Anonymous

    The game never gets boring! You always have different scenarios coming up making it fun and exciting for everyone 😁

  123. Alison G

    This card game is a must have for people who aren’t easily offended by everything. Not for the faint hearted but for those who have a good sense of humour this game is incredibly entertaining and will definitely have you peeing your pants with laughter 🤣🤣

  124. Anonymous

    This game gives the group an hour or more of non stop laughing and jokes

  125. Anonymous

    This game has definetely exceeded our expectations by being so well-thought-out, and with an overall fun experience (from buying the game, the funny emails received, and then the game itself). Top-notch game 🙂

  126. Daniel

    Very entertaining

  127. Shelaine

    Very entertaining and good value for money

  128. Anonymous

    Very fun and a good way to pass time

  129. Anonymous

    Very fun references and when someone doesn’t know it you get it immediately by scanning QR code. Also such a great fun to play.

  130. @zamn__daniel

    Very fun to play and easy to understand

  131. Anonymous

    Very good game. Love playing it with friends, very funny.

  132. Matthew

    Very interesting and informative game

  133. Nicole

    We needed a good game and karti bil-bajd hit the nail on the head! Super fun and entertaining game to play especially with the new expansion pack – Sliema Things. Made the whole pack a whole lot better! Would totally recommend it for a good time👌🏼

  134. Ivana M

    We really enjoy playing karti bil bajd, it is very interactive and super funny. The way the combinations of the questions and answers begin to fit is awesome.

  135. @03_bribri_03

    “What a blast of a game… just a warning if you’re a prude this isn’t for you!
    It’s a great game to get your friends to piss their pants… one could make it interesting and add shots to it!
    Such great fun!”

  136. Sephora

    When playing Karti bil-Bajd prepare yourself for a night full of fun & laughter. Even if you don’t know the phrases, you’ll still manage to laugh with the new phrases made. Highly recommended!

  137. Xmun

    Yes, why not… KBB is an excellent fun game and one can experience hours of fun.

  138. Anonymous

    Fil Vera sens ghoba bil bajd

  139. Anonymous

    Loghba bil bajd !! Li anke min jiskrupla jispicca jidhaq Well Done !!

  140. Anonymous

    It is a very fun game to play with friends. Lots of laughs and spend several hours playing.

  141. Anonymous

    Karti tal ostja li fijom buzz

  142. Anonymous

    Its very fun and a good time with friends

  143. Anonymous

    Karti bil-Bajd is an innovitave creation that everyone didn’t know they needed.

  144. Andy

    Always a hilarious time playing with friends

  145. Anonymous

    Super fun playing it with family – totally unexpected and hilarious!

  146. Anonymous

    It’s a fun game with an open minded attitude. It feels unique to play a game with such language in Maltese.

  147. Nicole

    I highly recommend this game if you’re in for a laugh with a good group of friends or chill family members. Preferably played with a group of more than 5 people. Really fun ice breaker too!

  148. Anonymous

    Can be repetitive if played a lot but very fun to play and provides great laughs with friends and family.

  149. Annelise Vella

    Its the most popular game and when I tell friends i have it, all of them gets excited to play it even foreigners

  150. Anonymous

    Siegha zmien tal-ostra

  151. Julia

    It’s a very entertaining game to play during summer at the beach with friends, makes my friends and I laugh a lot

  152. Anonymous

    Great references, regardless if you don’t know all of them it’s still hilarious. The Qr code was a great addition!

  153. Sasha Abela

    Best maltese game i purchased.

  154. Sandro

    I love it and it’s a great game to enjoy between real friends or family time.

  155. Ronay_xx

    Amazing game, funny game

  156. Gonzi

    loghba ta’ lostja man

  157. dak_dean

    The game is absolutely brilliant. The idea behind it couldn’t have come at a better time. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good time to spend with friends and maybe some cool family members.

  158. Anonymous

    Funny card game, definitely must have!

  159. Shanice


  160. Anonymous

    probably one of the best card games I have played

  161. Celine.magro

    Karti bil-Bajd are literally Karti bil-Bajd 🤣

  162. Anonymous

    It’s so much fun and it really shows how many memes we have as Maltese people. In love with it

  163. Anonymous

    Tal genn!!!! Wish it was a bit cheaper though

  164. kluivertbonell0_0

    Logħoba tal-ġenn u sabiħa biex tgħaddi siegħa żmien ma’ sħabek int u tixrob bott Lager jew xi Te fit-Tazza. Din il- Logħoba hijja perfetta għall dawk li jħobbu n-nejk u l-Memes Maltin li nħabbtu wiċċna magħhom kulljum. Nispera li tkompli tiġi mġedda b’ ‘Expansion Packs’ u Edizzjonijiet ġodda.

  165. jahelbezzina

    Logħba tal-ġenn, toħloq ċajt ġdid bla ma trid u tieħu siegħa gost bla dubju. Tpoġġi tbissima fuq fomm kulħadd

  166. Anonymous

    Great game to play with your friends and to break the ice. We need more expansion packs!

  167. matti_vassallo

    Innovative Game, Great experiences amazing memories!

  168. Paul Paris

    A game that is great fun for anyone planning on going to hell

  169. Anonymous

    A great game to play with friends (definitely not with family as the language is very vulgar) for long periods of time with guaranteed laughter.

  170. Wenzu

    Literalment bil bajd ” fun game to play while drinking , easy to play and sure that will make you laugh

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