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Karti bil-Bajd - Card Game

About our product

Karti bil-Bajd is a humorous adult card game, made for the Maltese audience. The concept of Karti bil-Bajd is simple. With a minimum of 3 players, each player is dealt 8 white cards, and take turns in being the Judge. The judge flips over a yellow card, reading it out loud, and the other players must match their best card(s) to the yellow answer card by giving it to the Judge, face down. The judge will read out the answers anonymously, and the funniest card which gets the most laughs will help the judge decide which card should be the winner. The funniest card is chosen, and the owner of that card wins the yellow card, and keeps it infront of them as a trophy. The first player to win 6 yellow cards wins the game.

Our game is unique. With an interactive QR code printed on each yellow card, it shows the players the viral video meme from the internet  The popularity with our products and brand has skyrocketed since launch. We have gained an organic 2,000+ followers in the first 2 weeks of our launch, and sold out 3 times in a row, all within 24 hours of re-stocking. Our product might be the only product in Malta to sell out so fast online, ever. Interested in reselling our products in your shop? Apply with the form below!

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